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BRANCHES functions because of the prayers of its members and their volunteer efforts. All of these opportunities use assistants as needed. Our policy is that if a need must be addressed,God will raise up the leader. Programs will be cancelled if no leaders or organizers emerge.

1. Members are encouraged to use their skills and gifts to aid, encourage, and inspire others. Spreading the burden helps prevent a few from carrying the entire load. If members don't do the work, it doesn't get done.

2. Service Opportunities for the current year are listed below. Members are encouraged to find an area of service that is consistent with their lifestyle, abilities and gifting. If a member does not want to assume complete responsibility for a task, they can contact the appropriate leader or Organizer and communicate their interest in assisting.

3. Members indicate their desired area of service by contacting the Chaircouple or appropriate leader (listed in parentheses following the description). If a leadership position is sought, members are to contact the Chaircouple and attend the Spring Business meeting (see Selection of Leadership on page 2).

4. General job descriptions are included here. Detailed descriptions for many leader and Organizer positions are available from the Membership Secretary. Members are expected to be responsible in the carrying out of their duties.

5. Volunteers are not limited by specific guidelines and are encouraged to make their area of service their own. Some areas of responsibility are defined by the BRANCHES By-laws, and it is the duty of the people filling these positions to understand and comply with those guidelines. Job Descriptions are revised annually by those holding the positions to reflect how the job was performed that year and to communicate effectively with the person entering the position the following year.

6. If a member wants to start a social activity or group, they submit in writing a proposal to the Chaircouple who will authorize the activity or group based on its compliance with BRANCHES' Statement of Purpose and By-laws. If the activity involves any expense on the part of BRANCHES, the proposal is submitted to the leadership Council for approval.

7. Following is a listing of Organizer responsibilities and general areas of service that help make BRANCHES' programs and events possible. These are not positions of leadership, and as such, persons filling these roles do not need to meet the requirements of leadership as found on pages 3-4 of this Handbook.

* NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTOR assists the Newsletter Editor in the preparation of the newsletter for distribution among the membership. (Newsletter Editor)
* AMERICAN GIRLS CLUB ORGANIZER oversees the club and its events. The main purpose of The American Girls Club is to have fun! It is primarily a social gathering with crafts around the American Girls theme. The age range of participants is generally 10-13 years of age. (Socials Coordinator)
* BOOK IT! ORGANIZER registers BRANCHES with the Book It! program and distributes materials to members interested in participating in this reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut. (Membership Secretary)
* RESOURCE DIRECTORY COORDINATOR compiles and presents for inclusion in the Membership Directory a listing of pertinent homeschool informational resources. (Membership Secretary)
* PHONE TREE ORGANIZER compiles and prepares for distribution a call list for use by BRANCHES members to communicate immediate need situations by phone, including reminders to check for email alerts. The CHEA liaison, Chaircouple, or the Email Secretary contact the Phone Tree Organizer to start the Phone Tree in motion for urgent prayer requests or legislative alerts. (Membership Secretary)
* PHONE TREE CALLERS receive calls from the Phone Tree Organizer and distribute messages to their assigned lists of members. (Phone Tree Organizer)
* GRADUATION ORGANIZER oversees the planning and production of the 8th and 12th grade graduation ceremony. It is very helpful for this person to NOT be the parent of a graduate, as that allows the parents of graduates to enjoy the event rather than having to produce it. (Chaircouple)
* LIBRARIAN maintains and oversees the lending library. (Chaircouple)
* PHOTO DAY ORGANIZER coordinates the School Photo Day held in September. (Chaircouple)
* FAMIlY GAME NIGHT ORGANIZER plans and oversees the event. (Socials Coordinator)
* ICE SKATING DAY ORGANIZER plans and oversees the event. (Socials Coordinator)
* ROLLER SKATING DAY(S) ORC;ANT7RR plans and oversees the event(s). (Socials Coordinator)
* CRAFT /PROJECT NIGHT ORGANIZER plans and oversees the meetings. (Socials Coordinator)
* T-SHIRT ORDER ORGANIZER coordinates the sales and distribution of BRANCHES T -Shirts.
(Membership Secretary)
* COLONIAL DAYS CELEBRATION ORGANIZER plans and oversees the event. (Socials Coordinator)
* CULTURAL CELEBRATION ORGANIZER plans and oversees the event. (Socials Coordinator)
* VALENTINE'S DAY PARTY ORGANIZER plans and oversees the event. (Socials Coordinator)
HOSTESS for Mom's Night Out or a club meeting. (Mom's Night Out Coordinator or Club Leader)
* PARK DAY ACTIVITY ORGANIZER plans and oversees activities with children at Park Days.
(Appropriate Park Day Coordinator)
* BOWLING LEAGUE ORGANIZER plans and oversees the running of the League. (Socials Coordinator)
* FIELD TRIP PLANNER plans and oversees a field trip of particular interest. See Field Trip Policies for information on how to plan a field trip. (Field Trip Coordinator)